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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Eli Lieb & Brandon Skeie Pay Tribute to Pulse Victims With Song That Has Touched My Heart

 A lot of talented musicians are taking to social media sites and to You Tube with original songs expressing heartfelt emotions surrounding the mass murder of 49 people at Pulse Night Club this week in Orlando. LA Musicians Elias Lieb and Brandon Skeie have shaken my core tonight with one of the most amazing songs I have heard in years. The words are powerful. The images are uplifting and sad, and true. Just take a minute and reflect, and listen to the words, the harmony, and the love pouring out of this three minute tribute.

God Bless you Elias and Brandon. I hope to meet the two of you one day soon, and to grab both of you with an embrace. Today, these two young men changed my world.  Touched my soul, they made this week more real and powerful and raw.  

Without words....


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