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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Juma The Jaguar Shot, Killed, at Opening Torch Ceremony for Brazil Olympics. I am outraged.

I am so furious that a beloved and beautiful jaguar has been shot and killed during a ceremony to start the Olympic Torch Run in Brazil.

 The jaguar was shot Monday after it escaped from its handlers at a zoo attached to an army training center in Manaus, the Brazilian military said in a statement. The jaguar was exhibited, chained up, during a torch ceremony there. Juma—reportedly approached a soldier, despite being tranquilized. The soldier fired a single shot, which killed Juma. 

The incident has prompted a wave of criticism for even having the jaguar on display in the first place. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Who in there right mind would allow this to take place? I hope whoever was responsible for planning this tragedy in the making come forward and to at least face the world media who is just beginning to jump on this story. So sad. Tragic. Meaningless.

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