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Friday, June 24, 2016

Watch KTLA Reporter Steve Kuzj Escape Massive Wall of Flames at Deadly Lake Isabella Fire

KTLA Reporter Steve Kuzj has earned his Boy Scout "Fire Training Badge" on Friday after narrowly escaping death and a massive wall of flames at the Lake Isabella, California out of control blaze that has already claimed two live and destroyed more than 100 houses and counting. Steve captured the entire experience on video, and he posted it to You Tube earlier today. So far, more than 11,000 people have seen the clip that will leave you breathless. Talk about "Kuzj News." This one just made the highlight reel. Published on Jun 24, 2016 Shortly after reporting Live on a destructive wildfire burning in Lake Isabella, California, a group of firefighters began a controlled burn of the land near where we were parked with other citizens. Within a few short minutes, the flames burned their way to our location. We were not hurt and none of our equipment appeared to be damaged, but the fire did make for an intense moment. The firefighters did not warn any of us parked on the road that they were going to start a fire and burn it all the way up to us. The California High Patrol instructed us and others to park on this particular road.

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