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Friday, July 01, 2016

ABC 15 Reporter Christopher Sign's Scoop on AG Lynch-Ex-Pres.Clinton 'Private Plane' Meeting is a Wake Up Call to the White House Press Corp

Here's to YOU, Reporter Christopher Sign.  

I want to congratulate Reporter Christopher Sign for breaking one of the most remarkable political stories of this Presidential campaign season...right in front of the entire White House Press Corp.

I need to have a martini with this guy.

Sign, who is a local reporter at ABC 15 Arizona, ran circles around the national media big wigs when he literally caught former President Bill Clinton climbing on board the jet of US Attorney General Loretta Lynch...for a meeting that is just now being reported around the world. 

I caught Sign on Fox News Thursday night...and this is what Bill O'Reilly reported...

"Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who will ultimately decide whether Hillary Clinton is indicted, met with Bill Clinton this week at the Phoenix airport. Local TV anchor Christopher Sign, who broke the story, joined The Factor with details. "They were on the tarmac," he reported, "in a private section. The former president waited for her and when she arrived he got on her plane, where they spoke privately for 30 minutes. The FBI instructed everyone that there would be no photos and no cell phones." Democratic strategist Mark Hannah downplayed the significance of the meeting. "A lot of people are upset with the optics, but this is a courtesy that Bill Clinton extends to members of Congress and foreign dignitaries. The American people care about the economy." The Factor countered with a suggestion, saying, "She should have talked with him for two or three minutes in full view of everyone."

My take:

As an Investigative Journalist who has exposed some of the biggest political crimes here on the Left Coast, I know how important "local beat reporters" are in our Democracy.  I also recognize when government officials out and out lie to reporters.

What Christopher Sign did on breaking this situation into the daylight, was remarkable.  

Sign followed his own path, and own instincts and broke a story that every member of the "White House Press Corp" should have been jumping all over because it took place right in front of them.

I applaud Mr. Sign.  

Great work, my friend.  I hope you win an Emmy for your effort and I hope you continue "digging deep" into what really took place on board that plane between Clinton and Lynch. 

Also, I am also stunned by the so-called "political experts" who now appear daily on CNN, and FOX News, MSNBC who literally have no contact with reality and no real life experience in politics.

I'll get into who that subject later.  

In the meantime, the next time you get a call from REPORTER CHRISTOPHER SIGN, do your self a favor, answer his questions directly, because he already knows what you did and who you met with in that "private meeting."

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