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Thursday, July 07, 2016

DALLAS MASS SHOOTING: You Tube lights up with raw videos of chaotic mass shootings that has left four law enforcement officers dead

Within minutes of the mass shooting in Dallas on Thursday night, dozens of witnesses took to social media to post live video of the horrific scene. I wanted to share two of these videos, that every American needs to watch. America is under attack, and no one seems to have an answer to this chaos, especially our politicians who profess day in and day out that they have "the plan" to keep us safe.

A peaceful protest in Dallas is now the latest mass shooting here in America, and the victims were the people who are suppose to keep all of us safe.  I cannot wait to find out the people who masterminded this attack, and am worried to learn all of the sorted details.

11 officers were shot.  Stunning.  Downtown Dallas is the biggest crime scene in the world.  

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