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Saturday, July 30, 2016

WikiLeaks: Democratic National Committee Coordinated Private Tours at White House for Mega-Donors, Day in and Day Out

Image from Wiki Leaks.
I have been scouring the WikiLeaks email drops...

The Democratic National Committee has direct access on who is given "access" to the sacred halls of power...

The emails also reveal the inner workings of HOW the DNC leaders roll day in and day out.

I stumbled upon several emails...showing how DNC/Obama mega-donors are given the royal treatment...especially when it comes to securing private tours inside the White House, including the West Wing.

Yes, THAT West Wing.  The place where President Obama performs his daily duties as Commander In Chief.

The DNC has turned the White House into a Party House for the past eight years, and every American should be outraged.

According to the emails,  DNC staffers Jordan Kaplan and Scott Comer serve as "contact points" to officials inside the WH to help plan the details of the tours.  Comer is actually the top Financial guy at the DNC, not some low-level chap.  

....so...here is how it really works.  

This below tour request came from Michael Pratt to Kaplan on behalf of the following Obama/DNC supporters: 

Diane Lynn Zientek 
Jennifer Kaye Coleman
Michael Stuart Brown
Michael Mardini 
Robert Cooke 

From:michael@mjpratt.org  To: kaplanj@dnc.org  Date: 2016-05-13 15:31 Subject: Fwd: WH tour

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