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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

'The Crook Label?' Steve Napolitano Slams Rep. Janice Hahn in new You Tube Vid as LA County Supe Race Explodes

Rep. Janice Hahn's campaign for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has been SLAMMED with a new YOU TUBE VIDEO ATTACK from rival Steve Napolitano. The ad is below and from a political perspective, it does the job in calling Hahn's "integrity issues" into a new dimension. Kudos to Camp Napolitano. Let's see if this makes the airwaves during the last five weeks of this staggering campaign that is now officially on fire. We have campaign finance laws on the books for a reason. Hahn needs to clean up her own political house before she can earn the trust of the voters in November.

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA –  The Steve Napolitano Campaign for 4th District County Supervisor today released an ad denouncing Janice Hahn’s record on committing the largest campaign fundraising violation in Los Angeles County history. 
The ad highlights mounting headlines from prominent television and newspaper stories that cite her nearly $400,000 in illegal campaign contributions that the County Registrar of Voters has ordered her to return.  To date, Hahn has not returned the money, which raises even more questions about whether she is financing her campaign on ill-gotten funds. 
View the ad by clicking here.  The ad ends with “You Deserve Better” and directs viewers to the website — TruthAboutJanceHahn.com — and encourages Tweets to use the hashtag #riggedsystem. 
For more information about Steve Napolitano for 4th District County Supervisor, please visit www.stevennapolitnao.com

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