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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

James Lambert Otis: Watch Donald Trumps Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame get destroyed by a real nutbag

My phone started ringing really early on Wednesday from media folks wanting an "official statement" from the Trump Campaign on the destruction of the Presidential candidates Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on Hollywood Boulevard.

First of all....who does this type of crime in the middle of the night...dressed up as a Loa Angeles Department of Transportation worker (neon vest, goggles, and white hard hat, utility belt) on of the most busy streets in America?  A total moron looking for some free publicity.

I hope they find the clown who did this and make him pay for the damages and have him arrested for destroying an American Landmark.  Yep, you see, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a Historical Landmark that is treasured by more than one billion people who have crossed its path for generations.

This campaign for President has turned ugly, and we still have 12 days to go....

Great report from the LA Daily News.

Check out their coverage.....

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