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Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump's Historical Trump Presidential Win Brings Out "CALEXIT" Movement, With Democratic Political Wind Bags Spew 'Goo

This Video is Dedicated to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! I am so excited that America's 45th President-Elect is Donald J. Trump.

I was on the Trump Train for the past 18 months, and worked very hard to communicate with media members across the country, and up and down California about who actually was the "people" behind the movement... 

I was proud to go to Cleveland as a member of the California Republican Party Delegation to support Mr. Trump.  I am a Proud American, and support open, honest and free elections.  I am also a Native Californian who believes in the "Dream" the Golden State represents to the world around us....

The Trump campaign was diverse. A Rainbow of supports from all walks of life were actively working to help take America into a different direction.

I have always admired Donald Trump...for decades.  

Now, with this election now officially over, and with the Trump Train still riding high all across the Land of Milk and Honey... I can no longer sit silent about what's happening inside the "establishment" of the California Democratic Party.

I wanted to share some of the "official statements" that have been sent out by high ranking DEMOCRATIC elected officials, as well as from Democratic Party "leaders" who now appear will never accept President Trump as the new Commander in Chief and the Leader of the Free World.

Some of the big wigs in Sacramento, including Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and State Senate President Pro-Tem Kevin De Leon have even gone so far as to suggest that California leave the United States and to start it's own nation.

Oh sure, they may not be saying the actual words.... "we're outta here..." but their "official" messages scream treasonous tones to me and many others...

Here is what Speaker Rendon and Senate Pro-Tem De Leon said in a joint statement on Wednesday....

"Today, we woke up feeling like strangers in a foreign land, because yesterday Americans expressed their views on a pluralistic and democratic society that are clearly inconsistent with the values of the people of California.
We have never been more proud to be Californians.
By a margin in the millions, Californians overwhelmingly rejected politics fueled by resentment, bigotry, and misogyny.
The largest state of the union and the strongest driver of our nation’s economy has shown it has its surest conscience as well.
California is – and must always be – a refuge of justice and opportunity for people of all walks, talks, ages and aspirations – regardless of how you look, where you live, what language you speak, or who you love. 
California has long set an example for other states to follow. And California will defend its people and our progress. We are not going to allow one election to reverse generations of progress at the height of our historic diversity, scientific advancement, economic output, and sense of global responsibility.
We will be reaching out to federal, state and local officials to evaluate how a Trump Presidency will potentially impact federal funding of ongoing state programs, job-creating investments reliant on foreign trade, and federal enforcement of laws affecting the rights of people living in our state. We will maximize the time during the presidential transition to defend our accomplishments using every tool at our disposal.
While Donald Trump may have won the presidency, he hasn’t changed our values. America is greater than any one man or party. We will not be dragged back into the past. We will lead the resistance to any effort that would shred our social fabric or our Constitution.
California was not a part of this nation when its history began, but we are clearly now the keeper of its future.

Then their is this official statement from Eric C. Bauman, the Chairman of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party as well as Vice Chairman of the California Democrats. 
“The election of Donald Trump ushers in one of the darkest eras in our nation’s modern  political history. Many across the state and country are frightened, and they are right to fell that way.
“But now is not the time to give in, now is not the time to give up. Now is not the time to capitulate… now is the time to stand up and fight!
“I call upon Governor Jerry Brown and our State Legislature to pass constitutional amendments and statutes to safeguard the people of California from Donald Trump’s dystopian worldview.
“I have already begun discussions about these concepts with California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon who agrees with me that these are important steps to protect California’s future. Now is the time to shore up California’s mantle as a beacon of hope in the coming years.Donald Trump has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and he has the votes in Congress to do it. So, we must enshrine a right to quality health care for all into our state’s constitution.
“Donald Trump has promised to deport all undocumented immigrants with a “deportation force.” We must do all we can to shield undocumented immigrants from Trump’s clutches, and empower our institutions to refuse to turn over lists of names to agencies who attempt to ferret out those who live in the shadows and on the margins.
“If Donald Trump follows through with his promise to block entry into the United States for Muslims, we must speak out loudly in opposition, and if he attempts to create a system to “register” all Muslims who already live here, we must instruct our institutions to refuse to cooperate.
“Donald Trump has said he will appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices and federal judges who will overturn Roe v. Wade, marriage equality, and innumerable anti-discrimination laws. Therefore, we must ensure that California’s constitution clearly enshrines the right for women to make their own reproductive healthcare choices, for people to marry whomever they love and to be protected from all forms of discrimination.
“If Donald Trump appoints federal judges who attempt to limit first amendment protections for free speech, we must enshrine in our state constitution the strongest freedoms for the press in the country.
“If Donald Trump’s administration and Supreme Court Justices try to limit the ability for working men and women to organize and bargain collectively, we must ensure that our state’s constitution maintains the strongest protections for these essential rights.
“If Donald Trump appoints officials who deny the grave dangers of climate change and green light the pollution and degradation of our land, air and water, our laws must continue to keep California as a world leader on these fronts.
“Several months ago, I facetiously called on Governor Brown to build a wall around California to keep Donald Trump out. Today, on a more serious note, I sincerely call on Governor Brown and our Legislature to build a metaphorical legal wall to keep our residents safe from the grim and cynical vision that Donald Trump has laid out for America.
“The battle is not over, it has just begun. Standing up to a man like Donald Trump won’t be easy, but it wasn’t easy to win our rights in the first place. Progress is never easy.
“It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, and let the world know that California will never let hate win. We will always be a bastion of freedom and the protector of the real American dream.”
Eric C. Bauman
Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Maybe the rank and file members of the CA and Los Angeles County Democratic Party need to rethink giving Bauman the keys to the front door....and direct access to millions of dollars that comes along with the gig.

I wish Bauman, Rendon and De Leon the very best of luck in their upcoming movement to have California leave the United States. How is that going to work out boyz? Maybe Tom Steyer can pick up the tab...

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