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Friday, November 04, 2016

WIKILEAKS: Podesta Questioned 'Heritage' of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Even though this happened like two weeks ago....I still wanted to weigh in...

So, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has made the world famous Hillary Clinton E-Mail Dump on Wikileaks.. 

Clinton Guru John Podesta who his Chief of Staff Sara Latham back in 2008 about Garcetti's background.

....what he is....or is he Latino, Italian, Descendent from Mexican Immigrants?

The only connection the Clinton's have EVER HAD to Los Angeles is the fact that they use this turf as a cash register for their political needs.  They always have...It is shocking to see how little they really know about us...

On November 18, 2008....

Garcetti Event Postponed

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to postpone the event with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti originally scheduled for this Thursday. We will keep you posted as to the new date and time.</p>
In addition there are several other emails, mostly sent by Garcetti's campaign that were not returned by Podesta....they probably landed in the "Junk Email" File.  

Here is the link....



Anonymous said...

Garcetti's heritage is Jewish, his great grandfather was a Mexican judge strung up in the Mexican revolution......for cause, Garcetti is on the take, part of the John Noguez payola invasion ring, also a big sweat shop owner.

Unknown said...

Tomorrow Bernie LA , ABENGOA raped LADWP customers with the 2.B* Ivanpah solar bird killer, a total fraud, then ABENGOA sold Morocco the same defective plant design, thats where the king got his Hillary 12M donation, chump US taxpayers, btw billions in losses hidden till after the election.

The dude said...

Rioting in Morocco as i type